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Managing cash flows during COVID-19

Cash is king! Cash is the oxygen of any business! Cash is the lifeline of business! You can have a business registering double digit growth but if it doesn’t have liquidity you are toast. I recently came across a LinkedIn post, which summed this up principles of working capital and cash flow management in three

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Is blockchain the future of accounting and finance?

First thing first, I am not an expert on block-chain technology and neither is this post an attempt to explain the technical aspects of the technology. There are others who are more qualified to describe what Blockchain is. You can always start over at Youtube. My work/job doesn’t involve Blockchain (at least not right now). However,

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IFRS 16 – Gearing up your balance sheet

After more than a decade of discussions, exposure drafts and development, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) issued the new IFRS 16 Leases, a new accounting standard that is set to bring dramatic change in accounting for leases in financial statements. IASB has estimated that the present value of approximately two trillion dollars’ worth leased

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